MBA Entrance Exam Calendar 2017 (Business Management Courses)

MBA Entrance Exam Calendar April 2017

Date Label Event
02-04-2017 KMAT KERALA KMAT Kerala 2017 Exam
06-04-2017 TSICET Online Application: End Date
B-MAT B-MAT Result
09-04-2017 HBSAT HBSAT 2017 Admit Card download
10-04-2017 BET Round 3 result
12-04-2017 TANCET MBA TANCET-MBA 2017 result
14-04-2017 SMAT Registration close
UPESMET UPESMET Online II applications close
16-04-2017 HBSAT HBSAT 2017
17-04-2017 VMOU MET VMOU MET 2017 Application close
18-04-2017 GSIB Entrance Test GET 2017 Registrations end
19-04-2017 SPJAT Application Process: Last Date
20-04-2017 OJEE MBA OJEE-MBA admit card download start
21-04-2017 CUSAT MBA Extended date for registration window closes
SPJAT SPJAT 2017 Admit Card Download
TISSNET Final merit list
22-04-2017 CUSAT MBA Registration with late fee (start)
23-04-2017 SPJAT SPJAT 2017 Exam
GSIB Entrance Test GET or GSIB Entrance Test 2017
25-04-2017 MAT Last day to purchase MAT 2017 May forms
OJEE MBA OJEE-MBA admit card download end
28-04-2017 GSIB Entrance Test GET or GSIB Entrance Test 2017 result
MAT Last day to submit application form for MAT 2017 May
29-04-2017 MAT Admit card download Start Date
30-04-2017 CUSAT MBA Registration with late fee (end)

MBA Entrance Exam Calendar May 2017

Date Label Event
06-05-2017 TISSNET 1st Wait List
07-05-2017 MAT MAT 2017 May Paper-Based Test
11-05-2017 MAT MAT 2017 May Computer-Based Test
12-05-2017 MAT MAT 2017 May Computer-Based Test
13-05-2017 MAT MAT 2017 May Computer-Based Test
14-05-2017 TSICET Application with late fee
SRMHCMAT Last date of registration
18-05-2017 ATMA ATMA 2017 May: Close of Payment through gateway
20-05-2017 ATMA ATMA 2017 May: Registration close date
21-05-2017 TSICET Release of preliminary key
22-05-2017 TISSNET 2nd Wait List
24-05-2017 ATMA ATMA 2017 May: Last date for Reprint of filled-in Application Form
25-05-2017 BET Round 4 submission deadline
ATMA ATMA 2017 May: Download of admit card
27-05-2017 TSICET Acceptance of objection to keys
28-05-2017 SRMHCMAT SRMHCMAT 2017 exam
ATMA ATMA 2017 May: Exam (On-line)
30-05-2017 TSICET TSICET 2017 Result

MBA Entrance Exam Calendar June 2017

Date Label Event
01-06-2017 SRMHCMAT SRMHCMAT 2017 result
04-06-2017 HBSAT HBSAT 2017 Result
05-06-2017 ATMA ATMA 2017 May: Result
BET Round 4 result
15-06-2017 VMOU MET VMOU MET 2017 exam

MBA Entrance Exam Calendar July 2017

Date Label Event
03-07-2017 B-MAT Course Commencement
22-07-2017 PESSAT MBA PESSAT 2017 Online Registrations: End Date
23-07-2017 ATMA ATMA 2017 July: Exam (On-line)
29-07-2017 PESSAT MBA PESSAT 2017 Exam: End Date

MBA Entrance Exam Calendar August 2017

Date Label Event
01-08-2017 SMAT Academic session begins
05-08-2017 PESSAT MBA PESSAT 2017 Results: End Date